Umayuru Episode 9

Conquering the Mountain (Yama o Kakeru!)

Ep. 1: A Horse Girl (or Two) Making a Scene
Ep. 2: Black Hair Creating Peace
Ep. 3: Tonight, a Cocktail in the Bar
Ep. 4: Tsuyoshi Build-up!
Ep. 5: A Permanent Breach of Friendship!?
Ep. 6: Early Morning Detective Work
Ep. 7: Sirius-san's Favorite
Ep. 8: An Interview, Otonashi-san!
Ep. 9: Conquering the Mountain (Yama o Kakeru!)
Ep. 10: Horse Girl Ghost Stories
Ep. 11: Tiger Versus Dragon
Ep. 12: The Strongest Biker Gang!
Ep. 13: Umayuru Rap, Put Yo Hands Up!
Ep. 14: Like Terms Can't be Grouped
Ep. 15: fence! Fence! FENCE!
Ep. 16: Approaching Hands of Doom
Ep. 17: Whatja heck's with Ninja fans?
Ep. 18: Getting Heated! The Rudolf Championship
Ep. 19: Do as G Says
Ep. 20: The Night the Gamblers Wept
Ep. 21: Fine Restaurant Channel!
Ep. 22: Spe and Oguri's Yummy Yummy Kitchen
Ep. 23: Shall we Derby?
Ep. 24: Toward the Place the Light Shines

Video streamed through YouTube, with subtitles automatically rendered on top. I'm hosting solely as a convenience; I did not make these subtitles, only the titles.

Transcription by Kaffee (ep1-5) and robflop. TL and subs by robflop. Proofreading by shory (ep8+).

Subs are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND. Distributing video including the sub files is forbidden.

Download the subtitles here.