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Special Week Special Week
Silence Suzuka Silence Suzuka
Tokai Teio Tokai Teio
Maruzensky Maruzensky
Fuji Kiseki Fuji Kiseki
Oguri Cap Oguri Cap
Gold Ship Gold Ship
Vodka Vodka
Daiwa Scarlet Daiwa Scarlet
Taiki Shuttle Taiki Shuttle
Grass Wonder Grass Wonder
Hishi Amazon Hishi Amazon
Mejiro McQueen Mejiro McQueen
El Condor Pasa El Condor Pasa
T.M. Opera O T.M. Opera O
Narita Brian Narita Brian
Symboli Rudolf Symboli Rudolf
Air Groove Air Groove
Agnes Digital Agnes Digital
Seiun Sky Seiun Sky
Tamamo Cross Tamamo Cross
Fine Motion Fine Motion
Biwa Hayahide Biwa Hayahide
Mayano Top Gun Mayano Top Gun
Manhattan Cafe Manhattan Cafe
Mihono Bourbon Mihono Bourbon
Mejiro Ryan Mejiro Ryan
Hishi Akebono Hishi Akebono
Yukino Bijin Yukino Bijin
Rice Shower Rice Shower
Ines Fujin Ines Fujin
Agnes Tachyon Agnes Tachyon
Admire Vega Admire Vega
Inari One Inari One
Winning Ticket Winning Ticket
Air Shakur Air Shakur
Eishin Flash Eishin Flash
Curren Chan Curren Chan
Kawakami Princess Kawakami Princess
Gold City Gold City
Sakura Bakushin O Sakura Bakushin O
Seeking The Pearl Seeking The Pearl
Shinko Windy Shinko Windy
Sweep Tosho Sweep Tosho
Super Creek Super Creek
Smart Falcon Smart Falcon
Zenno Rob Roy Zenno Rob Roy
Tosen Jordan Tosen Jordan
Nakayama Festa Nakayama Festa
Narita Taishin Narita Taishin
Nishino Flower Nishino Flower
Haru Urara Haru Urara
Bamboo Memory Bamboo Memory
Biko Pegasus Biko Pegasus
Marvelous Sunday Marvelous Sunday
Matikanefukukitaru Matikanefukukitaru
Mr. C.B. Mr. C.B.
Meisho Doto Meisho Doto
Mejiro Dober Mejiro Dober
Nice Nature Nice Nature
King Halo King Halo
Matikanetannhauser Matikanetannhauser
Ikuno Dictus Ikuno Dictus
Mejiro Palmer Mejiro Palmer
Daitaku Helios Daitaku Helios
Twin Turbo Twin Turbo
Satono Diamond Satono Diamond
Kitasan Black Kitasan Black
Sakura Chiyono O Sakura Chiyono O
Sirius Symboli Sirius Symboli
Mejiro Ardan Mejiro Ardan
Yaeno Muteki Yaeno Muteki
Tsurumaru Tsuyoshi Tsurumaru Tsuyoshi
Mejiro Bright Mejiro Bright
Daring Tact Daring Tact
Sakura Laurel Sakura Laurel
Narita Top Road Narita Top Road
Yamanin Zephyr Yamanin Zephyr
North Flight North Flight
Symboli Kris S Symboli Kris S
Tanino Gimlet Tanino Gimlet
Daiichi Ruby Daiichi Ruby
Mejiro Ramonu Mejiro Ramonu
Aston Machan Aston Machan
Satono Crown Satono Crown
Cheval Grand Cheval Grand
K.S. Miracle K.S. Miracle
Jungle Pocket Jungle Pocket
Copano Rickey Copano Rickey
Hokko Tarumae Hokko Tarumae
Wonder Acute Wonder Acute
Sounds of Earth Sounds of Earth
Katsuragi Ace Katsuragi Ace
Neo Universe Neo Universe
Hishi Miracle Hishi Miracle
Tap Dance City Tap Dance City
Happy Meek Happy Meek
Bitter Glasse Bitter Glasse
Little Cocon Little Cocon
Venus Park Venus Park
Rigantona Rigantona
Tazuna Hayakawa Tazuna Hayakawa
Yayoi Akikawa Yayoi Akikawa
Etsuko Otonashi Etsuko Otonashi
Aoi Kiryuin Aoi Kiryuin
Sasami Anshinzawa Sasami Anshinzawa
Riko Kashimoto Riko Kashimoto
Light Hello Light Hello
Darley Arabian Darley Arabian
Godolphin Barb Godolphin Barb
Byerley Turk Byerley Turk
Mei Satake Mei Satake
Misato Akasaka Misato Akasaka
Junko Hosoe Junko Hosoe

* Only characters listed on the official game site are included.

Last Updated on September 17, 2023 (North Flight)