Umayon Extra Episode 1

Elegance Over Appetite!

Ep. 1: Elegance Over Appetite!
Ep. 2: I Want to Become a Mature Woman!
Ep. 3: The Flawless Empress
Ep. 4: Aren't you worried about who's behind you?
Ep. 5: Eat some more! Tama!
Ep. 6: So you can't grow bigger?
Ep. 7: Operation: Aim for First Prize!
Ep. 8: Requirements to Challenge the Emperor!
Ep. 9: A Uniform with Torn Sleeves and Bandages
Ep. 10: The Enemy That Upset My Plans
Ep. 11: Miho Dorm Ghost Stories!
Ep. 12: A Beach "P"?