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How It Works


This is a system that lets people make bets (purely for fun!) on what characters will appear in the Umamusume gacha banners and compete to be at the top of the leaderboard. Much of it is inspired by real horse racing betting systems, but modified to fit this use case.


Points are a purely nonfunctional number, only for use on the Leaderboard. Points cannot be bought, nor exchanged for anything. The 10 people with the most points will be displayed on the Leaderboard. Every new user starts with 1000 points. After every banner is revealed, every ticket will be resolved and points will be awarded to winning tickets depending on the odds and type of ticket. By making any bet on a banner, when that banner ends you will be awarded 500 bonus points alongside any winnings from tickets, so try to make at least one bet per banner!


Odds are represented as a number, a higher number meaning a lower perceived chance of that character winning. Tickets made on a character with high odds will have a higher payout if that ticket wins. Odds are calculated based on how many bets are made on those specific characters. The more people bet on a character, the lower their odds.


Each ticket costs 100 points each. There are 4 types of tickets you can make: Pick, Narrow, Exact, and Wide.

  • Pick: Pick one character. If that character appears in the banner, the ticket wins.
  • Narrow: Pick two characters. If any of those two characters appear in the banner, the ticket wins.
  • Exact: Pick the exact set of characters that appear in the banner to win. Not available for Standard Gacha character banners.
  • Wide: Pick 4 (5 in the case of Story Event support banners) characters. If every character in the banner appears in your list of picks, the ticket wins. Not available for Standard Gacha character banners.
Winnings for a successful ticket are determined by ticket type and character odds. The harder a ticket is to win, the higher the payout. You can also buy multiple tickets at a time, and any potential winnings will be multiplied by that amount.


The Umamusume game tends to have 3 gacha banners per month: 2 Standard Gacha and 1 Story Event. They will be named here according to the month they start in. For example:

  • April 2024 Gacha #1
    • April 2024 Gacha #1 [Character]
    • April 2024 Gacha #1 [Supports]
  • April 2024 Gacha #2
    • April 2024 Gacha #2 [Character]
    • April 2024 Gacha #2 [Supports]
  • April 2024 Story Event
    • April 2024 Story Event [Characters]
    • April 2024 Story Event [Supports]
Standard Gacha banners will be assumed to have 1 new character and 2 support cards. Story Events will be assumed to have 2 character alternate outfits and 3 new support cards. The times that Cygames breaks this formula will be handled case by case.

Current Leaderboard

User Points
#1 Avatar for admiy Admiy 535,725pt
#2 Avatar for xanek Xanek 120,394pt
#3 Avatar for Code Indra🇮🇩Haaa!?(Now in 20's) Code Indra🇮🇩Haaa!?(Now in 20's) 100,670pt
#4 Avatar for leochugs Leochugs 96,462pt
#5 Avatar for ksmiracle rums 63,529pt
#6 Avatar for gunnhilda Gunhildr 61,647pt
#7 Avatar for specialweek Special Week 55,306pt
#8 Avatar for Tina _B Tina _B 53,779pt
#9 Avatar for lexvonwhitaker Lex Von Whitaker 52,201pt
#10 Avatar for maimaiyumi Maimaiyumi 46,507pt

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